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What happened to CHALLENGE FRAP?

What happened to the CHALLENGE suite?

Terry Stewart

What happened to Challenge FRAP?

Challenge WORKBOOK - an upgrade from Challenge FRAP

Two previous versions of the software came before WORKBOOK. These were called Challenge FRAP 1.0 and 2.0. Challenge WORKBOOK features the following improvements over FRAP 2.0

  • A spell-checker
  • An improved, more professional interface
  • Improved hyperlinking facilities
  • More examples to aid use
  • Back browsing and forward browsing functionality
  • An export function to HTML
  • Better formatting
  • Improved tutor comments functionality

The FRAP stood for "Form for Recording the Analysis of Problems". It was decided to rename the new version WORKBOOK as this is a reflection of what the software does (facilitates keeping student workbooks) and is less cryptic.

CHALLENGE FRAP (version 2.0) was made available on July 31st, 2006. This was a complete re-write from FRAP 1.0, made possible by a grant from the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission. Details of the grant, and other grant outputs such as PBL Interactive, can be found at

CHALLENGE FRAP 2.0 has been superceded by Challenge WORKBOOK 3.0.

Terry Stewart
26th February, 2010