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Builder tutorial

Note: The CHALLENGE Suite (with the exception of CHALLENGE FRAP) has been discontinued.  This is an archive site which describes CHALLENGE as it was between 2002 and 2004 for historical purposes.  See this link for further information.  The PBL work now continues with this project (Terry Stewart - 23rd June, 2005)

The following tutorial in using the CHALLENGE builder is available for download.  It takes you through constructing the bundled scenario, "a fishy problem", from scratch step by step. This particular scenario was used because it includes most of the design templates. 

With the CHALLENGE builder open, read through the RTF document a step at a time.  You can paste the appropriate text from this document into the editing pane of the builder.  The images are supplied in the zip file along with a few specific icons that were made especially for the tutorial.

Download the tutorial