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CHALLENGE Student Builder

Note: The CHALLENGE Suite (with the exception of CHALLENGE FRAP) has been discontinued.  This is an archive site which describes CHALLENGE as it was between 2002 and 2004 for historical purposes.  See this link for further information.  The PBL work now continues with this project (Terry Stewart - 23rd June, 2005)

Whilst students can learn from exploring a pre-written scenario in the CHALLENGE Player, there is also value in getting students to build their own problem-based scenarios using the Builder software.  In creating their own scenarios, students engage with the learning material and must also think about what observations, tests and tasks might be necessary to solve a particular domain problem.  They also must ascertain what alternative hypotheses might be generated by the initial observations and allow exploration of these, depending of the knowledge level of those who might eventually assess the scenario, be it fellow students or the tutor.

One advantage of using this approach over getting students to play pre-written scenarios is that the latter are not required to exist.  Students write their own.

The Student Builder therefore, is designed to be given out to students for their own use in a course, much like the Player.  The Student Builder cannot load scenarios written in the Full Builder.  This is to prevent students using the Student Builder to cheat.  If the Student Builder accepted scenario files written in the Full Builder, a student could loading a particular pre-written scenario and discover its solution.

Also, reports generated within the CHALLENGE Player from a conventional scenario produced in the Full builder are encrypted, so students cannot view or alter them. If they could do so, they would see the answers.  They then may delete the report and produce a revised one on the basis of what they now know.  Installation of the Full Builder also loads the decryption program so these files can be read.  However, the Student Builder does not install this decryption program again making this version of the builder safe for general student distribution.