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Example scenarios for the Player/Builder

Note: The CHALLENGE Suite (with the exception of CHALLENGE FRAP) has been discontinued.  This is an archive site which describes CHALLENGE as it was between 2002 and 2004 for historical purposes.  See this link for further information.  The PBL work now continues with this project (Terry Stewart - 23rd June, 2005)

This page is allow people to download example scenarios people might like to share.  We've added the ones bundled into the commercial version of the Builder plus a few of our own and may add more in the future.  If you do have a teaching scenario you'd like to share with others, consider emailing us with an attachment or a download link, and we'll add it here.

You will need the CHALLENGE Player to view these files and the FULL (not the Student) CHALLENGE Builder to edit them.  

Scenario Purpose Filename CHALLENGE Version Size in Mb Author
A fishy problem (scenario for kids)*  Scenario for children A Fishy Problem.dsce Dev 15 or 1.0 0.22 Terry Stewart
Sore throat scenario*  For high school science students Sore Throat Scenario.dsce Dev 15 or 1.0 0.20 Terry Stewart
Pest-Risk analysis*  For advanced tertiary students PRA Used Cars.dsce Dev 15 or 1.0 0.27 Terry Stewart
Ruby the dog*  For vet training Ruby the dog.dsce Dev 15 or 1.0 0.49 Richard Squires
Doug's apple problem*  For extension plant pathology training Doug's Apple Problem.dsce Dev 15 or 1.0 0.69 Terry Stewart
Doug's apple problem with 2 videos For extension plant pathology training Dougs apple problem with Dev 15 or 1.0 8.4 Terry Stewart
Peter's Potato Problem For extension plant pathology training Peters potato problem tutorial.dsce Dev 15 or 1.0 0.4 Terry Stewart
Westley's wheat worries For extension plant pathology training westleys wheat worries tutorial.dsce Dev 15 or 1.0 0.36 Terry Stewart


* Bundled with the Full CHALLENGE Builder

Note, If you have downloaded earlier versions of these files and now have dev15 or CHALLENGE 1.0, please replace the old files with these updated ones.