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CHALLENGE - Facilitating Problem-based Learning

Note: The CHALLENGE Suite (with the exception of CHALLENGE FRAP) has been discontinued.  This is an archive site which describes CHALLENGE as it was between 2002 and 2004 for historical purposes.  See this link for further information.  The PBL work now continues with this project.  If you want to take a look at the CHALLENGE Suite or think it might be useful, a free license for the Student Builder and Player can be downloaded here. (Terry Stewart - 23rd June, 2005)

CHALLENGE is a suite of programmes designed to facilitate problem-based learning.  Unlike other authoring and delivery systems, CHALLENGE puts problem-based learning at the very heart of its functionality.  

The suite consists of four programmes.  These are:

  • The CHALLENGE Player, in which students can explore a pre-written scenario
  • The CHALLENGE Builder, which can be used by staff to author the above scenarios
  • The CHALLENGE Student Builder, which can be used by students to author scenarios
  • CHALLENGE FRAP (Form for Recording the Analysis of Problems).  This is a modified version of the Builder which acts as both a guide and a recording device for students attempting to solve a problem.

The CHALLENGE suite is now available to Massey University staff for their own teaching use.  Read on to see what CHALLENGE does, how you can access the program and how to use it in your teaching programmes.

The Challenge scenario in the Builder, showing a (humourous) scenario, designed to teach plant-pest risk analysis.

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