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Note: The CHALLENGE Suite (with the exception of CHALLENGE FRAP) has been discontinued.  This is an archive site which describes CHALLENGE as it was between 2002 and 2004 for historical purposes.  See this link for further information.  The PBL work now continues with this project (Terry Stewart - 23rd June, 2005)

Q. Can I have the Full Builder, Student Builder, CHALLENGE FRAP and/or Demo Builder all installed on one machine at once?

A. Perhaps but there are likely to be problems.  Make sure you have only ONE version of the CHALLENGE builder on your machine at a time.  This includes CHALLENGE FRAP, which is a modified version of the CHALLENGE Builder.  Uninstall any versions of the Builder before applying another one.

The CHALLENGE builder and the CHALLENGE player can co-exist on the same machine without problems, although it's probably unnecessary as the builder has a player mode.

Q. Can FRAP files be used in the CHALLENGE Player.

A. No, and there is no reason for them to be used in the player. FRAP files are both constructed and assessed in CHALLENGE FRAP.

Q. Where does the student tracking appear when viewing a report generated by the CHALLENGE Player?

A. This is in the Student Report file, produced by the report or end design templates.  Only those with the full builder installed (usually the tutors) can decrypt these reports.  The tracking information is appended at the bottom.  You can elect whether or not to print this section out to students.

Q. Can the CHALLENGE programs be run directly from a CD-ROM without installation on the computer concerned?

A. Although not initially designed for this implementation, both the student builder and player can be used this way.  It needs the raw executable and associated files to be placed on the CD-ROM.  I've now included these as a special zip file within the Massey release.

Q. How can I get nodes on the top bar of the CHALLENGE Player when working through a scenario

A. Simply make sure the node is on the first level underneath the root node and the "show this node on the left in the player" (under the extended tab) is NOT ticked.  Providing it is wearing the Main, List, Assessment or Report templates, it should show up on the top.

Q. Can it be used with WebCT?

Links can be made from CHALLENGE to WebCT and WebCT can be used to deliver scenarios and FRAP forms to students.  CHALLENGE is not a server-based product though, like WebCT.  Students cannot run it just in their browsers.  They need to run the program from their own computers, then email you (or upload) their results files.  See the page on CHALLENGE vrs WebCT for more information