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Challenge WORKBOOK

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What happened to CHALLENGE FRAP?

What happened to the CHALLENGE suite?

Terry Stewart


Q. Is there a Challenge WORKBOOK Manual?

A. No. The editor is quite intuitive and the contents of the HELP file plus a look through the examples should be all that's needed to get you going

Q. Why is Challenge WORKBOOK taking so long to install?

A. Like earlier versions, Challenge WORKBOOK requires .Net Framework version 2 (or greater) to be installed on the computer first. The installation file checks to see if this is present and if not, installs it. This may take some time. If other components are required which are missing from the target computer, the user will be warned. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Q. Do you need to be connected to the Internet to install WORKBOOK?

A. No, but if the .Net Framework 2.0 program is not already present on the computer, Windows will try to connect to the Internet to download it. As this program is about 22mb, it could take a while on a slow connection. Best to check if you need .Net Framework 2.0 before installation, then install it separately first if needs be.

Q. Are WORKBOOK 3.0 templates compatible with FRAP 2.0 ones?

A. Yes.

Q. Are FRAP 1.x templates compatible with FRAP 2.0 ones?

A. No. FRAP 2.0 is a complete re-write of the program and does not use the same file structure. A FRAP 2.0 file has the extension *.frap whereas a Frap 1.0 file has the extension *.dsce . FRAP 1.x and FRAP 2.0 can co-exist on the same machine however, so old templates can be built easily by cutting and pasting content from the old to the new. The nodes will have to be re-created manually though.

Terry Stewart
26th February, 2006